Nonlinear LBO Crystal

Fuzhou Hundreds Optics Inc. is a high-tech optical enterprise who was founded in Southeast of China 2010. The company specializes in the researching, designing, producing and selling the most durable, and reliable high-precision optical components. We always adhering the "excellent quality, satisfied service" business philosophy, dedicated to provide high-precision optical components, laser crystal and polarization optical components for worldwide customers.

Hundreds Optics owns three precision optical production lines, nearly 3000 square meters of factories, including the ultra-clean coating chamber and precision optical instrument room. Currently, Hundreds Optics owns multiple precision cutting machines, milling mills, polishing machines, leybold vacuum coating machines and other production equipment for high-precision processing.

We also pay high attention on product quality, and introduced various types of precision testing equipment, including XQ15-GⅠLaser Plane Interferometer, series precision digital goniometer, Digital length Measuring System, zygo Interferometer and Lambda 900 Spectrophotometer. In 2001, with the strict quality management system, we got the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate.

The company gathered a group of high-quality management, engineering and technical personnel. Our products have been widely applied in non-contact inspection, medical, automation, automotive, precision instruments, military, semiconductor, micro-measuring systems and surveying equipments. Our customers cover USA, Japan, Germany, Australia and other European, Asian countries. Through unremitting efforts, we have become a partner supplier of many worlds’photovoltaic enterprises.

Now Hundreds Optics Main production:
• Optical Crystals Series:
• Optics components Series:
Optical Polarizer/Polarization Beam splitter Cube/Rotator/Waveplate/Window/Prism/Mirror
• Lens Series:

Spherical lens/cylindrical lens

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