Nonlinear LBO Crystal
Laser crystal
  • Yb:YAG Crystal
    Yb:YAG Crystal
    Yb:YAG is one of the most promising laser-active materials and more suitable for diode-pumping than the traditional Nd-doped systems. Compared with the company used Nd:YAG crystal, Yb:YAG crystal has a much larger absorption bandwidth to reduce thermal management requirements for diode lasers, a longer upper-laser level lifetime, three to four times lower thermal loading per unit pump power.
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  • Cr4:YAG Crystal
    Cr4:YAG Crystal
    Passive Q-switching is preferred for simplicity of manufacture and operation, low cost and reduced system size and weight. Cr4+:YAG is an excellent crystal for passively Q-switching diode pumped or lamp-pumped Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Yb:YAG or other Nd and Yb doped lasers at wavelength from 1.0 to 1.2um.
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  • Nd:YAG crystals
    Nd:YAG crystal

    Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet; Nd:Y3Al5O12) is a crystal that is used as a lasing medium for solid-state lasers. The dopant, triply ionized neodymium, typically replaces yttrium in the crystal structure of the yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG), since they are of similar size. Generally the crystalline host is doped with around 1% neodymium by atomic percent.


    Nd:YAG absorbs mostly in the bands between 730–760 nm and 790–820 nm.At low current densities krypton flashlamps have higher output in those bands than do the more common xenon lamps, which produce more light at around 900 nm. The former are therefore more efficient for pumping Nd:YAG lasers.

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  • Laser Host Nd:YVO4 crystal
    Nd:YVO4 crystal

    Yttrium Vanadate (Nd:YVO4) is one of the most efficient laser host crystal currently existing for diode laser-pumped solid-state lasers.

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